Panoramia uses virtual windows to transform elevators into luxury spaces


  • 5 APRIL 2017

Panoramia, a Stockholm-based interior design technology company, thinks the humble elevator is due for an upgrade. Utilizing laser measurement devices, 3D visualizations are displayed on a high-resolution screen inside the elevator, giving the appearance of “windows,” through which those inside the elevator can enjoy beautiful natural scenery.

Intended for high-end buildings, Panoramia says these virtual windows make the otherwise mundane activity of riding an elevator elegant and pleasant.

Moving up and down the landscape as the elevator moves, Panoramia’s 3D visualizations adapt throughout the day to mirror the real-world lighting conditions outside the elevator.

Property owners aren’t just limited to natural landscapes. Panoramia says its technology can be used to display anything from cartoonish scenery to the inside of a space shuttle.

Set to launch in 2018, Panoramia is currently seeking partners in the US, UAE and China.