Elevator Upgrade FAQ’s

Q:  Will my entire elevator have to be replaced?  

A:  No, we believe in keeping what works and maintaining the integrity of the original unit.

Q:  Why would I want to upgrade?

A:  Are you concerned about down time?  Many units older than 20 years old are still in operation.  Over time the original control equipment has become obsolete.  Parts are not available and modifications have to be made to meet the original intent of the design.  Newer safety codes have been adopted and are designed into current control systems.  Also we install equipment that has a long track record of performance with suppliers we have had 20 year plus relationships with.  We choose equipment with parts that are shelf-ready in the event you are in need of a repair.

Q:  How long does it take to receive parts?  

A:  most major equipment can be manufactured in 4-6 weeks for elevator upgrades.  Repair parts are usually shelf-ready.

Q:  How will I know it’s right?

A:  All of our work has to permitted and meet the current adopted safety code for Elevators (ASME A17.1)  Upon completion we are required have our work tested and witnessed by the State Elevator Inspector.  He will provide you with a copy of the acceptance test upon request.

Q: How can I update my cab interior?

A: We can provide minimal to comprehensive interior upgrades, including but not limited to:

  • New Elevator push-button fixtures
  • Relocation of fixtures to comply with handicap requirements
  • Replacement of elevator cab panels to the latest styles and colors
  • Replacement of elevator ceiling and lighting
  • Installation of emergency telephone
  • Installation of handrail and bumper rails
  • Re-cladding of existing elevator doors
  • Re-cladding of front returns, kick plates and headers