Gearless Traction Drive

When you ride an elevator in a hotel or office building, gear less traction is very likely to be the drive system you are experiencing. This type of drive combines the cables of a winding drum system with the counterweights of a chain drive, resulting in a whisper-quiet installation.

On the downside, cables are still cables – only with a traction elevator, there are 2-3 times as many as there would be with a comparable winding drum, and they are more difficult to install and remove. Since all elevator cables need to be swapped out every five years or so, this means a large increase in maintenance costs.

A gearless traction drive home elevator is a good choice for high-end installations, but you should keep in mind that, with its associated maintenance expenses, traction drive is an expensive gift that keeps on taking.


  • Very quiet
  • Popular in commercial applications

Other Items:

  • Most expensive system short of vacuum tube
  • Multiplies the problems of cables with more length and complexity