Several manufacturers today are producing proprietary designs and initially charging less for the installations/modernizations.  The catch is special tools/keys are required for maintaining the elevator.  Non-proprietary equipment allows the end-user to have a choice of which maintenance company to use. 

As a consumer, I prefer options and not being “stuck” with one provider.  When you don’t have options, you’ll be forced to wait as long as you are told it will take & you will pay whatever it costs, because no one else can help you.

Here are some more benefits:

Access to Parts

Your elevator has many parts and over time there will be normal experience wear and tear. Therefore, to keep your elevator safe and up to code, you will need to replace old parts before they’re too worn down. A non-proprietary elevator system will allow you to easily find and purchase the parts to fix your elevator. Many non-proprietary parts are made by several different manufacturers, which allows you a choice of where to get those.

Easier Maintenance

Using non-proprietary equipment for your elevator allows for easier maintenance. Unlike proprietary equipment, which may require a technician to have special tools and knowledge, non-proprietary equipment can be maintained by any technician who is properly trained. Non-proprietary equipment also allows for faster repairs, which means less downtime.

Improved Safety

Since most non-proprietary elevators use built-in diagnostic systems, they can alert the operator in the event of a maintenance emergency.  More thorough maintenance makes for a safer elevator and gives the end-user peace of mind.

Something else to consider; using proprietary equipment removes the need of the service provider to care about any customer because they know that you’re stuck or going to have to pay a large amount of money to become “un-stuck.” 

At Executive Elevator we look to build long term relationships with our customers. Therefore, we always begin by recommending the best short and long-term solutions to meet specific needs.  In most cases, that means using non-proprietary equipment.

Contact us to discuss your project and discover if we are a good fit to serve you.