The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think about public transportation and all the safety protocols needed to provide safe and healthy vehicles.  This is particularly true of elevator cabs and entry and exit areas.  Therefore, we put together some safety tips from our vantage point in order to help property and facility managers as we move towards a new normal.

Social distancing is a part of our new normal. Therefore, going forward clear and up-to-date signage is extremely important so that users will know how to cooperate both inside and outside of the cab. 

Keeping your elevator cabs clean and disinfected has never been more important. Since the control panel buttons are the most touched area of the cab you might consider cleanable control panels such as stainless steel verses plastic buttons so that they can be cleaned regularly without harming the function or appearance of the control panel. Remember to make sure that when cleaning your control panel you use a cleaner that will not harm your panel’s electrical components.

Keeping your elevator cab’s air clean and moving regularly is also very important. Therefore, you should have a fully functioning and clean exhaust fan. At Executive Elevator we offer elevator upgrade solutions that can fit your unique needs. Contact us to discuss our recommendations in this regard.

Having an up-to-date and properly executed Maintenance Control Program (MCP) is crucial for the safety of your users. You can go here to download our Maintenance Control Program (MCP) checklist. Of course, a checklist or program is only as good as the technician that is executing it.  So, we recommend that you make sure your elevator service provider is actually doing proper inspections and testing and not just checking off a list.  

Make sure that the safety equipment in your cab is working properly. You should have a fully functioning phone with a dedicated line (or line seizure protocols). Each cab should also have fire safety recall service tested on a monthly basis.

We hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your elevator system. 

Download our elevator cab safety checklist PDF for your reference