When we look at elevator install or existing unit conversion projects we use our years of engineering experience in order to design for beauty and function. Because we know that it takes both of these elements for a successful install that will provide the user with a great experience.

Whether it is a new elevator installation or modernizing an existing elevator, we draw on our years of engineering experience to design for function, as well as aesthetics.

We start by asking questions to identify what the end goal is and what is important to the end user. Once that is known, we talk through the available options to determine the best fit for each situation.  

Obviously, function is paramount, and most customers also care about “the look” of their elevator. We understand that both elements are important to create a great experience for the customer.

At the end of the project, we want the end user to be extremely satisfied with their elevator and the entire installation experience.  They will be using it as long as they continue to own the building and we want them to have peace of mind about their purchase.

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