Cantilever Roped Hydro Elevators

This is a hole less design limited to low capacity applications. Wire ropes are utilized in conjunction with a hydraulic jack to lift the car at a 1:2 ratio. For every foot that the jack rises, the car rises two feet. The jack and rail equipment is mounted either to the side or to the rear of the car, depending upon the opening configuration.


  • No jack hole is required even though the travel can be as great as 100 feet. Without a jack in the ground, the risk of oil contamination is eliminated.
  • Front & side openings can be easily accommodated.
  • No extensive pit or overhead is required.


  • Because the rail and jack equipment is located either at one side of the car or at the rear, additional space is required at that location.
  • Since the rail brackets are all mounted on one wall, considerable rail force accommodations are necessary.
  • The installation time is greater than that of an In-Ground application.

Passenger Cantilever Roped, Rear Slung Elevator Diagram:

Double Opening (F/R)

Passenger Cantilever Roped, Side Slung Elevator Diagram:

Single Opening (F)

Double Opening (F/R)