Elevator Service & Repair

The Irvin family has been in the elevator industry since 1965 serving both the Kentucky and Indiana market providing first and foremost elevator service!

Our elevator service and repair coverage area includes Kentucky and Indiana. Types of service agreements range from full maintenance to a limited elevator service depending on the customer’s needs. We employ an on-staff engineer as well as elevator mechanics with over 30 years experience in the elevator trade.

Our goal is to provide reliable elevator service and repair at very competitive rates and reliable performance of your single or multiple elevator units.

Our outlook is that clients need us because they need their elevators to run well.

We perform and assist as much as a customer will allow. The answer is not always: “You need a new one.”

Elevators have been installed in this market over the last hundred years and some of the earliest installations are still in operation. We offer the ability to maintain any of these units to a high standard of safety and reliability. If the core components of the elevator are solid and reusable then we prefer to build on that by adding serviceable updated components.

We cater to owners and managers who want their elevators right! References are provided by contacting 502-636-1993.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation survey and service quote. On-call service is available 24/7. Executive Elevator services and repairs virtually all makes and models in the Kentucky and Indiana Area.

National certifications include:

  • Qualified Elevator Inspectors (QEI) by National Assoc. of Elevator Safety Auth.
  • Certified Elevator Technicians (CET) by National Elevator Contractors Assoc.

For elevator service and/or repair to existing units or lifts, please call:

  • In Louisville, KY: (502) 636-1993
  • In Indianapolis: (317) 426-5664
  • All Other Locations (866) 463-5251

Service agreements offered. For optimal performance and safety of your elevator or lift, we recommend a yearly service agreement that includes an annual safety test, lubrication, and examination of critical moving parts.