Elevator Upgrades

What is Elevator Modernization?

Elevator modernization is the process of upgrading the critical parts of the elevator for it to be able to handle new technology, have better performance, improve safety, and even give the aesthetics an appeal. A modernization can affect all the equipment, or only a few parts.

Common parts which are modernize are:

  • Controller (the electronic brains of the elevator),
  • Motors (the part of the elevator that does the heavy lifting)
  • Control panel inside the cab and hall call stations
  • Landing doors & frames and/or car door
  • Door equipment (what opens and closes the doors)
  • Adding fire recall service to the elevator
  • Adding card reader access/floor restrictions
  • Rollers (attach to the sling and roll up and down on the rails)
  • Cab interior
    • Wall panels
    • Ceiling
    • Lighting
    • Handrails
    • Kick Plates
    • Front return wall
    • Exhaust fan

How is Elevator Modernization Done?

For starters, an elevator modernization plan will have to be created, and this is done usually by an elevator service company which can also do modernization. This process will determine which parts of the elevator will have to be modernized, the scope of the procedure, and most importantly, making sure that code compliance is met. Once this is done, preventive maintenance will have to be done until the elevator is removed from service.

Yes, during this time, the elevator will be out of service, so building owners will have to compensate for this. This includes proper diversion of building’s traffic, creating contingency plans, and so on.

Depending on what needs to be done and how many elevators are being modernized, the whole process may take anywhere from a few weeks, to an entire year.

Once an elevator modernization starts, it is HIGHLY recommended that it be done as a whole, in one go. Piecemeal (part by part) is NEVER suggested for high-rise elevators. ONLY for LOW-RISE elevators (2 to 4 stories).

Elevator Cab Upgrades

Cab upgrades are done to bring your elevator up to code compliance and to give the interior a fresh, modern look.  Upgrading the elevator cab is a cost-effective method for maintaining tenant satisfaction.  When it comes to keeping your building competitive, elevator cabs can be an afterthought, and can also paint a picture of disrepair throughout the rest of your facility if they’re out of date. As the professionals at HKA Elevator Consulting, Laguna Hills, CA, put it: “If your elevator cabs look unsightly, are outdated, or [have an] odor, you’re working your way toward a Class-B building.”