In-ground Elevators

This is the traditional design used for decades. It utilizes a single-stage hydraulic jack installed in the ground. The jack is located directly under the car, near the center of the platform.


  • Usually the lowest material cost application.
  • Accommodates front and rear openings in any configuration.
  • No extensive pit or overhead is required.
  • Available for both low and high capacity cars.
  • Of all the application types, this equipment package is the easiest to install.


  • Oil contamination in the ground is possible. As a precaution, the jack can be enclosed in PVC pipe. Areas with frequent seismic activity will have the greatest risk of oil contamination.
  • The jack must go down into the ground roughly the same distance as the desired travel (multi-stage jacks can reduce this distance). Drilling a jack hole is expensive and may be nearly impossible in certain structural or geologic conditions.

Freight and Passenger In-ground Elevator Diagram

Single Opening (F)

Double Opening (F/R)