Residential Elevator FAQ’s

Q. Is there a standard size for an elevator or can I get a custom size?
A. The standard size for a residential elevator is 36”x48”. However, we generally customize our units to each individual home at no additional cost for units up to 15 square ft.

Q. What is the weight capacity on a residential elevator?
A. All of our units are rated for 950 lbs.

Q. I get more than one entrance/exit on my elevator?
A. Yes, you have several options, enter exit same side, opposite sides or 90 degree openings. You can have the elevator open at different sides of the at each landing.

Q. What is the smallest my elevator can be?
A. We offer units down to a size of 36” x 25” with a shaft size of 39” x 25”.

Q. What is the smallest my elevator shaft can be?
A. The elevator shaft can go down in size to 39”x 42”.

Q. How big of a machine area do I need?
A. 24”x46” for the machine area next to the shaft

Q. What type of drive systems does the elevator need to run?
A. You can choose between Cable Drum or Hydraulic power. Our standard machine unit is the cable drum as it is the most economical option for homeowners.

Q. What happens if there is power failure?
A. Emergency lowering is offered on all units and is a standard on hydraulic units.

Q. Is the elevator safe?
A. Our elevators are built to the National Safety code requirements of ASME A17.1 which is adopted by Kentucky and Indiana. They are inundated with safety switches that will stop the elevator or prevent it from moving.

Q. What stops the hall door from opening while the elevator is in operation?
A. Interlocks at each door allow the door to only open when the car is at that landing.

Q. Can I get automatic door/gate openers on my elevator?
A. You can get automatic gate openers on the doors and gates if desired.

Q. Is a cylinder installed under the ground on hydraulic units?
A. No, Hydraulic cylinders are located above ground between the rails.

Q. Is the winding drum unit noisy?
A. No, cable drum units are very quiet with gradual starting and stopping .

Q. Do I have to remove my stairs?
A. No, elevators can be located in a small corner of a room or in a line of closets down to a size of 39”x 42” inside area.

Q. Do I have to have supporting structure above the shaft?
A. No, the units’ weight sits on the pit floor.

Q. Can the machine be above the unit?
A. Yes, attic mount or overhead mount units have machines fastened to the rails. Please allow 18”x 42” area for convenient access to the control panel.

Q. What stops the elevator at the right level?
A. Adjustable magnets located on a vertical metal tape installed in the shaft.

Q. Will you build the shaft in my existing home?
A. Yes, we offer turn key projects that include the elevator, installation, shaft construction and electric service needed.

Q. What are the electrical supply requirements?
A. 2 circuits, 1 – 30 amp 220 vac, 1 – 15 amp 110 vac

Q. What areas do you serve?
A. Kentucky and Indiana markets at this time.

Q. Can the elevator match my home décor?
A. Absolutely, we have standard finishes but we also regularly match cab finishes to flooring or cabinets within your home with samples provided by homeowner.

Q. How long does it take to install an elevator?
A. Most are installed within one week’s time.

Q. Do you repair existing elevators?
A. Yes, we regularly repair and service existing units installed by others.

Q. Do you modify or upgrade existing units?
A. Yes, this may include:

  • Cab replacement/upgrade
  • Door lock replacement/upgrade
  • Controller replacement/upgrade
  • Floor limit upgrades

Q. Is it less expensive to install an elevator in an outside shaft?
A. No, constructing the required weather proof shaft is usually more expensive. However, sometimes it is impossible to find an area within the home that is available for the shaft.

Q. How long does it take to manufacture an elevator?
A. Approximately 6 – 8 weeks after the drawings are approved.

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. We were created by Irvin Elevator Group. Our first President has been in the elevator industry for 41 years. We are now owned by a 2nd generation family member who has been in the elevator industry for 20 years.

Q. How much service do your units require?
A. We recommend service twice a year which includes an annual safety test and examination of all critical moving parts.

Q. How can I plan for an elevator in my new home?
A. By framing in stacked closets on top of each other for storage until you are ready to add your elevator. Then you could just remove the floors when you were ready to have your elevator installed.

Q. Will you come to my home to help locate and design an area best suited for my elevator?
A. Yes, we would be glad to with no obligation. Please call us at (866)463-5251 toll free or send an e-mail to sales@exelevator.com.