Stiltz Alta Duo Home Elevator

The modern elevator designed to actually fit in your home. For safe and comfortable travel between two landings the lift can be installed while using minimal floor space. The shaft less elevator design allows for a more flexible placement and planning process over traditional elevators requiring full shaft way construction. Stiltz Lifts can also be placed anywhere in a home and do not require a wall directly behind the elevator for installation.

The Stiltz Alta is designed for travel between two floors and has a weight capacity of 375lbs. With an interior 31″ wide and 28″ deep the lift offers plenty of room for a single rider and can even fit two average sized adults. For more information on the Alta residential elevator contact Executive Elevators at 502-636-1993. Also check out the brochure and images of Alta installations below. The new Stiltz Lifts Duo Alta is a one of a kind home elevator with its contemporary look and feel, with modern ease of use.

Stiltz Alta Duo Brochure