Traction MRL Elevators

This design utilizes a gearless machine, ropes, and counterweights instead of hydraulic equipment. The main guide rails are mounted on each side of the car and an additional pair of counterweight rails is located on one side or at the rear. The gearless machine, along with the related drive equipment is all installed inside the hoistway eliminating the need for a machine room saving you valuable floor space.


  • No risk of oil contamination to the ground
  • Accommodates front and rear openings in any configuration
  • Has no need for a machine room
  • Has greater power efficiency than hydraulic applications
  • Allows significantly higher car speeds than hydraulic designs
  • Generally cheaper then traditional traction applications


  • The material cost is substantially higher than that of hydraulic applications
  • There are structural building considerations because the equipment is all mounted inside the hoistway
  • Elevator maintenance cost is generally greater than that of hydraulic elevators
  • Cycle time for securing the material package and installing it is generally longer than that of hydraulic elevators
  • Limited capacities

Passenger Traction MRL, Rail-Mounted Elevator Diagram:

Under Slung Single Opening (F)
CWT at Side)

Under Slung Double Opening (F/R)
(CWT at Side)

Passenger Traction MRL, Pocket-Mounted Elevator Diagram: